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Quality development services

LPDS offers a comprehensive range of town planning and development related services. LPDS prides itself on meeting client's objectives and deadlines at a competitive price. Please feel free to contact us for a brief discussion of our services. We are able to provide fixed fee specific service quotes or advice at a competitive hourly rate. LPDS also offers different levels of project management to assist clients in the development process. This includes the co-ordination of different fields of expertise and sub consultants in providing multi-disciplinary advice on all types of development projects.


LPDS provides robust, unbiased advice and has been successful in gaining approvals for a range of development types.

Regardless of the project size, it is the quality of the submission that is important. It is our role to review and co-ordinate an understanding of the relevant planning controls and a proposal's potential impacts. This is undertaken in the preparation of the Statement of Environmental Effects or Environmental Assessment Report. These reports may also contain a SEPP 1 Objection (or Exception to Development Standards submission) to justify a proposal when it departs from a key development standard (such as height or FSR).

We continue to build on long-standing relationships with all approval authorities.  Many projects, particularly the larger ones, require more than detailed town planning advice. LPDS has a number of associates in related disciplines such as architects, building designers, surveyors, landscaping, heritage, acoustics, traffic and civil engineering, BCA, ecology, access, bushfire, model makers, photo imaging and graphics. These are experts in their respective fields enabling the assembly of highly professional project teams.
LPDS' core statutory planning services are:
  • Part 4 DA / SEE;
  • State significant/major development reports;
  • Part 5 EIS;
  • Planning Proposals (rezonings);
  • Independent assessment of DA's for authorities or third parties and peer review of applications;
  • Lead consultant / project management;
  • Presentations, negotiation, consultation and facilitation with public agencies, approval authorities, panels and community groups; and
  • Project specific development approval strategies, developer agreements, advice and approvals risk management.


LPDS strives to provide services of real value to clients, particularly at the front-end of the development process. LPDS delivers high-level quality advice in a timely manner, helping to reduce the planning risk.

Development Advice

LPDS provides a range of planning advice. Our extensive knowledge means that you can be confident you will get the right advice. More importantly, the subtle differences and interpretation of planning controls can be critical to the success of a project.

LPDS' understanding of the NSW planning system allows us to provide the highest quality advice in short time frames. LPDS can provide the following:
  • High level statutory planning advice on development opportunities, regulatory requirements, the approval process, development compliance;
  • Advice on the detailed strategy or development approval pathways;
  • Advice on whether certain works require development consent or can be exempt of complying development;
  • Advice on whether section 94 contributions requirements on a development are reasonable;
  • Advice on conditions placed on a development consent;
  • Advice on impact of planning proposal on property portfolio;
  • Advice on development potential of property.

Due Diligence

This is a more detailed level of advice frequently sought by clients for major projects. LPDS frequently prepares this detailed advice in conjunction with other experts to provide clients with the most detailed level of advice prior to committing to major purchases.


Scott Lockrey has appeared in the NSW Land and Environment Court on numerous occasions including:  
  • Acting as a planning expert for developers/applicants;
  • Acting as a planning expert for Councils and other government authorities;
  • Acting for objectors to development;
  • Providing peer review of other expert evidence; and
  • Facilitation and mediation including dispute resolution
In addition, Scott has also appeared in other Court related matters, including the preparation of affidavits for Supreme Court proceedings and as an expert witness in the District Court (planning and property related issues only).


LPDS offers a full range of strategic planning services and is proud of its reputation for delivering reliable strategic planning services that meets our client's requirements.

Rezonings / Planning Proposals

Getting land rezoned is one on the most difficult outcomes to achieve because it involves both State and Local Government. It requires very sound application of the planning principles that form the basis of the planning controls/guidelines/strategies that apply to the land. It also requires good negotiation skills.


The preparation of a masterplan usually forms part of a large scale rezoning. LPDS assists with other experts in ensuring that masterplans will achieve the appropriate planning outcomes.


LPDS can draft Plans of Management (POM) to address the requirements of Council, liquor licensing and Family & Community Services for community, commercial and licensed premises. These include:
  • Childcare centres;
  • Hotels;
  • Nightclubs;
  • Bars;
  • Restaurants;
  • Restricted premises; 
  • Student accommodation; and
  • Boarding houses.


LPDS can prepare submissions to the relevant authority that addresses a client's concerns in the context of the relevant planning controls. LPDS is able to:
  • Prepare letters of objection to DA's;
  • Respond on behalf of an applicant to objections;
  • Present planning arguments/submissions to Council officers, Developers, Councillors and Committees; and
  • Undertake negotiation and conflict resolution on behalf of a client.
LPDS is also able to prepare detailed planning submissions on proposed planning controls. Proposed planning controls can increase/decrease property values and obtaining the correct planning advice/outcome is essential.


Resulting from varied previous roles in the development sector, LPDS is able to assist in or undertake project and development management, including the following:
  • Feasibility studies and due diligence investigation for acquisitions and redevelopment of existing land holdings;
  • Financial administration and daily activities relating to project management and budgets;
  • Presentation to financial institutions (project reports and refinancing submission and preparation of project budgets;
  • Co-ordination and preparation of documentation for lodgement with approval authorities;
  • Funding submissions for respective property acquisitions;
  • Co-ordination of design and consultant team for redevelopment submissions;
  • Assist with sales documentation, strategies and pricing; 
  • Assist with and review of marketing strategies; and
  • Assist with co-ordination and preparation of media releases related to respective project.


LPDS is able to prepare Demolition reports that address the relevant requirements of Council, in particular identifying whether a building has any heritage significance. This assessment is required irrespective of whether a building is listed as a heritage item or whether it is located within a heritage conservation area.

The Demolition Report includes a detailed search of historical records (subdivision, architect, builder and relevant approvals), ownership, and a thorough photographic and descriptive survey of the building to be demolished.

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